Crystals: The Greatest Natural Healing Tool that Millions don't Know About

Crystals: The Greatest Natural Healing Tool that Millions don't Know About

The world is full of natural, healing tools that can help us deal with the stress and pain in our lives. Some people turn to therapy; others rely on time alone to recharge their mental batteries. But some don't know about crystals- a natural tool for healing that has been around for centuries!

Crystals are one of the most underestimated natural healing tools that millions don't know about. Yet, healers and shamans have used them for centuries to cure illnesses, ward off negativity, and create balance. In this blog post, you will learn all about crystals - from what they do to how to use them in your life.


Crystals come in many shapes, sizes, colors and materials

Crystals come in different colors and shapes. Some are smooth, while others have rough edges or points. Additionally, they can be made from many materials, including metal, glass, and plastic. There are said to be over 350 types of crystals on the planet Earth that can change your life by enhancing it with healing power - such as the power to focus, amplify or balance a person's energy.

The most common types of crystals a person might be familiar with are quartz and amethyst. Quartz crystals can amplify a person's energy and balance it out for long periods. Amethysts are known to open up the heart chakra, which is perfect for people that have been through traumatic events or those who need more love in their life.

Crystals come from all corners of the world and have been used for centuries as a way to connect with spirit guides, heal sicknesses, ground oneself during meditation or focus on an intention.

The power in crystals comes from their energy field that can be felt by those who are sensitive enough or work well with others. In addition, crystals emit natural healing energies, which help them heal people physically, mentally, or spiritually.


Different crystals have different healing properties

Some say that crystals are capable of healing a person's energy body and even organs which is why it is used for preventative care and treatment. In addition, some might find themselves drawn towards certain crystals during different times in their life- Amethyst can help heal depression due to its ability to balance out the emotions, Rose Quartz is calming and loving, while Sardonyx can help heal the heart.

Some of the same crystals used for healing also have preventative properties - Selenite will shield a person from psychic attacks or negative energies and keep them grounded; Lapis lazuli has been said to block out stress which makes it useful in preventing illness, and citrine is a wonderful mood-booster.

The best way to find out what crystals are right for you is by doing your own research or finding someone who can work with them on an individual level, such as a psychic.


The best way to cleanse a crystal is by smudging it with sage smoke

The best way to cleanse a crystal is by smudging it with sage smoke. This removes any negative energy that has been building up on the stone's surface and captures this negativity in the bundle of sage leaves, releasing them into space or burying them away from others' homes or workspaces. You can do the practice anywhere because the sage leaves are the only necessary item, but it is best to do this outside in a clearing or park.

To cleanse the crystals, you will need one bundle of the dried white sage leaf (or any other natural, non-toxic herbs that can be used for smudging). Choose an open area indoors and set up your space with a place for the smudge stick, a bowl or urn to collect the leaves and ashes from your sage bundle, and water if you need to extinguish any embers that pop up when burning the leaves.


There are different ways to use crystals for healing

You can use a crystal for healing. How you use it depends on the intention of your intentions when using crystals and how they affect people/places. You can wear crystals as jewelry such as necklaces. You can also place them on your desk or in a room to clear the space as well. Apart from this, you can also purchase a crystal and have it placed on your chakra points.

The idea behind this is that they are used for many different things such as clearing and protecting from energies, healing, mediation, spirituality, etc. In addition, different crystals have specific properties. For example, they might be hot or cold, which helps with energy flow through your body.


There are three types of crystals - stones, minerals and rocks

Crystals come in three types, stones, minerals, and rocks. Stones are typically what we see in jewelry stores or on our mantels at home. They come in a variety of colors, such as amethyst, quartz, citrine, turquoise (a semiprecious stone), rose quartz, and smoky quartz, to name just a few. You may be familiar with some of these, but there are many crystals that you may not even know exist.

Apart from this, there are also minerals and rocks. These two types of crystals are usually found in geodes, which can be any color depending on what they contain. Minerals have a physical form visible to the naked eye and may display beautiful patterns such as stripes or bands, while rocks range from small pebbles to large boulders.


Final Thoughts

The use of crystals is a time-tested practice that has been used for healing and energy work for centuries. These beautiful stones not only look fantastic, but they have the power to heal your body from head to toe.

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