The Art of Feng Shui: Using Gemstone Jewelry

The Art of Feng Shui: Using Gemstone Jewelry

Feng Shui is a practice that was developed in China over 2,500 years ago. It involves bringing together the principles of yin and yang, balance, order, and harmony to achieve an environment that brings good luck.

Feng shui masters believe that the flow of energy through our homes can be altered by using gemstones in your jewelry box or on your body to promote positive energies. This blog post will explore how you can use gemstone jewelry to bring more good fortune into your life.


Why Use Gemstones in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, gemstones are used as a way to bring out the best energies in your home and life. Many people believe that certain gemstones will positively influence you and those around you, so they use them as decorations or wear them on clothing. 

Certain stones are believed to give off different types of vibrations. So when you place them in your home, they work to improve the energy that runs through your house or office. For example, if someone is suffering from depression, placing black onyx near that person can absorb their negative energy.

If you need to attract a new love into your life, some gemstones are known for their ability to draw in good luck and romance. Wearing these stones is thought to bring good fortune into your life by helping you achieve positive outcomes in all areas of your life. 


How to Choose the Right Gemstone for You

When you're buying gemstone jewelry, think about the energies you want to promote in your life and those around you. Here are some of the most popular stones and their best uses:

  • Black Onyx: This stone is believed to absorb and eliminate negative energy. It's frequently used in bracelets to bring good luck and health into your life. If you have a friend or family member suffering from depressive thoughts, this stone is said to help relieve them of those feelings.
  • Black Tourmaline: This stone is known for its ability to repel negative energy and prevent it from entering your life. It's frequently used in jewelry to promote self-confidence, fearlessness, courage, and balance.
  • Blue Lace Agate: This stone is believed to attract wealth, so many people use it in their wallets or place them at the front door of their homes or offices. Blue lace agate is also believed to improve your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Garnet: This stone is said to promote vitality, good health, and friendship. If you've had an argument with a friend or family member, carrying a garnet in your wallet is thought to remind you of the importance of keeping harmony in those relationships.
  • Pink Opal: This stone is thought to draw love into your life. Frequently used in earrings to attract romantic partners, it can also be combined with other stones to attract new friendships or business opportunities.
  • Turquoise: This stone is thought of as an overall protector that can remove negative energy from the environment and bring good fortune into people's lives. Carrying a piece with you is thought to shield you from bad luck while also making it easier to achieve positive outcomes in all aspects of your life.

How to Use Gemstones in Your Jewelry Box or Urn

Many people choose to display their colorful gemstone jewelry in a glass-fronted cabinet or wooden jewelry box. If you want to add some feng shui elements, place a clear quartz crystal at the top of the box. This is believed to be an amplifier for good energy, so it will give the other pieces in your box more protection.

If you prefer to wear gemstone jewelry, carry a piece made of sturdy material with you at all times. It's thought to be particularly effective if you use it in a piece of jewelry that also contains metals, such as silver or gold.


How to Use Gemstones Around the House

There are several ways you can use gemstones around your home to help achieve harmony. For example, if someone in your family works from home, placing a piece of lapis lazuli near their computer is said to give them the energy they need to stay focused on their work while keeping negative influences away.

You can also place amethyst in each room of the house to achieve harmony. It is believed that amethyst can transform negative energies into positive ones, so having it in every room will help keep negativity at bay.

If you want to bring a sense of good fortune and wealth into your home, display a piece of tiger's eye near your front door or windows. This stone is said to welcome good fortune, so it's particularly useful if you want to invite new opportunities into your life.


Final Thoughts

Gemstone jewelry is one of the oldest forms of jewelry globally and has a long tradition as an object of religious piety. Used for their color and energy, you can wear them to help bring balance, harmony, health, and positive energy into your life.

If you want more information on gemstones or how to use them to achieve harmony in your life, contact us today.

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