Shipping & returns

Shipping Information

  • Please use and type in your tracking to track it's entirety. 
  • Once it's in your country, you can use the same tracking number with your local courier to follow until delivery, such as USPS,Fexdex,UPS
  • If you still have not received your tracking number yet, please note it does take 1-7 business days (Mon-Friday) for us to process, dispatch and then have the courier pickup your order. We will notify you via email/sms or the order page once the tracking is available.
  • Tracking may show no updates or invalid within the first 72 hours as well due to the courier's delay in uploading updates.
  • You will receive on-going shipment updates to your email/sms so please make sure the email is correct, or that you have an account with us.
  • Estimated Delivery after tracking is between 5-20 business days. With an average time of 5-10 Business days. There is no guarantee it will be between this time as there may be unforeseen circumstances or delays within your local postal service.
  • All postage is via ePacket (EMS) as we ship them directly from our assembly/fulfillment center in Japan/China. Doing this also ensures us to have a 50% off sale and reduce the purchase price for our customers


If for whatever reason you don't like it, let us know and we will refund you no questions asked, that's our guarantee!

Refund policy

For any issues regarding items that are received in the mail, our Refund Policy allows customers to report these issues strictly within three (3) days upon receipt or delivered date. Customers can contact the Support Team via email, Facebook message.

  • Combination of original designs : The refund will be taken from the value of the damaged item. If all items received are damaged, the refund will be calculated from the total amount paid.

Customers are entitled to get a replacement of the damaged items if a refund is not preferred.

Minimal or minor damages

These are slight scratches that does not affect the overall aesthetic of the item such as marks on parts of the items where it cannot be seen (e.g. clasp, underneath the jewelry, on the sides, beneath the strap).

Photos or a video is needed to show the damages for documentation before a refund or a replacement is allowed.

A partial refund will be offered as compensation from 10-50% depending on the damage or be given a discount code that can be used on future orders. The refund amount or % of the discount is upon the discretion of the Support Team.

Heavy damages

This is applicable for items that show heavy damage such as broken straps, chipped watch face, discoloration on large areas of the watch, and other major damages where the item is deemed unusable.

Photos or a video is needed to show the damages for documentation before a refund or a replacement is allowed.

  • A partial refund of 50-100% will be offered depending on the damage and if you choose to keep the watch
  • Or a replacement can be processed at no cost and you have the option to choose any colour or design that is of a similar price from the original order
  • If a partial refund or a replacement is not appropriate to the situation, the items will need to be returned to our warehouse in Texas for inspection before a full refund can be issued

Order not received or Returned to sender

This is applicable after investigation and the tracking details show that the order was not received or was returned to the sender:

  • A new order will be processed containing the same items as the original order
  • Or a full refund will be offered and/or a discount code that can be applied on future orders

Processing and shipping delays

  • A refund or replacement is not applicable if the order is in transit within our normal shipping time frame (5-15 business days)
  • If the delay in shipment is caused by the shipping company, customs processing, and other uncontrollable instances, a refund/replacement is not applicable
  • For questions around tracking orders, please reach out to our Customer Support to get more details of the whereabouts of your package. Our Customer Support Team can assess the situation and process a refund or a replacement as necessary.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Please note that the items is at a $25 USD price point with free tracked shipping. In comparison to other watches on the market, it is of higher quality and has a certain uniqueness from other watches in the $25 USD bracket.
  • The watch components, specifications, and sizing are all available on the website to review before placing an order. If you are unsure of the details of our watches on the website, you are welcome to email our Support Team for questions and/or clarifications. Dissatisfaction with the overall look of the watch upon receipt of the order is non-refundable.
You can reach out to our Support Team at the following:
  • Email:
  • Facebook private message
For items that need to be replaced, please contact our Customer Support first. DO NOT personally send items back to the sender or the manufacturer's address on the packaging. We will assist and provide details through our Support Team for concerns that warrant a refund or a replacement.