About us

Mulany, a family-owned business, is an online store offering a thought-provoking collection of items and gifts that protect, heal. Our selection of mountings as well as gemstone jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and many other fine gift items. 

Our store’s philosophy covers three distinct categories:
  1. Inspirational
  2. Natural Wellness
  3. Healing Crystal
  4. Feng Shui Elements


Our gemstones are carefully selected with highest quality grade. They are said to contain powerful healing energies that bring you peace and serenity. Like many other forms of prayer beads, they are traditional tools used by the practitioner to keep track when reciting their mantra(s). Chanting a deeply personal saying, reciting a prayer or even singing a song are just a few ways to focus one’s mind in preparation for channeled thought and enlightenment.


Mulany guarantees you full satisfaction and value for your money. We are obsessive about quality. We deal with the finest manufacturers across the globe that follow the highest standards of workmanship. We inspect every piece of jewelry and make sure it follows our strict internal standards of quality control. Our approach makes it possible to offer our customer ultimate satisfaction from every perspective, be it precious metal casting, stone setting, polishing, finishing, style and designs or before and after sales services. No question is too insignificant. You will receive personalized service and you can expect our strict attention to every detail.